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Get Yer Freebies at National Coffee Day Giveaway

Hello! Freebies are the word of the day; well, at least for the National Coffee Day Giveaway! Our freebie for you today is a tip about buying coffee at the regular grocery store. First of all, typical grocery stores don’t always have the yummiest coffee, but if you MUST purchase your joe at the usual place, beware of “quantity” differences between bags of coffee.

For example, we saw that there was a particular brand of coffee on sale – all flavors. However, when we began to choose a couple of them, we noticed that one of the bags was only 10 ounces, but another flavor was 12 ounces. Yet, both were the same price. We purchased the 12 ounce option.

Yes, I know it’s only a couple of ounces, but still, we don’t like the fact that coffee is getting more and more expensive while the packages are getting smaller and smaller.

Whatever happened to “a pound of coffee?” Sigh. I suppose that those days will only exist in my memory, unless I’m able to buy my java in bulk (which I prefer anyway). Oh well, onward!